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Just me and Sogs

Preface: Mind you, I already know Sogs is avoiding Yogi, me, and our friend because we stay up late watching old Masterchef episodes and he always comes out of his room when no one else is around – be it at 11PM or 1AM depending on when we leave the living room. It’s kind of weird that it’s come to this point that he would rather avoid walking through the living room to get to the kitchen and eat or to go to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I wonder if he is doing is consciously (as I wonder about a lot of the things he does).

So when Yogi left the house for the rest of the month, it left me and Sogs alone.

Context: So, it’s notable that prior to Yogi’s departure, our sink had clogged once and we called our landlord and he sent his friend over to fix it. It was fixed, but while we were out for Yogi’s farewell dinner, Sogs texted us telling that the sink was clogged once more.

When we came home, Yogi saw the sink was not clogged. I checked too and it was fine. We even ran some water to test it out and it was fine.

So I told Sogs that I wasn’t comfortable explaining some nonexistent problem to an actual plumber and asked him to arrange it for a time he would be home. He responded to that by cancelling the plumber visit. After the conversation, I was informed I was being a bit savage. In all honesty, it wasn’t my intention – but being as I am, I was wracked with guilt. I mean, I recognize that I could’ve been nicer. But I’m 99% sure he got the hint that I harbour hatred towards him from that interaction (I hadn’t spoken a word to him since he got home, and he’s been home for approximately a month, I never make eye contact, and my brain honestly doesn’t store memories of his face so I don’t actually remember seeing his face if I do look at it, in retrospect – since he’s come home).

Day 1: Yogi hadn’t left yet, but she wasn’t in the kitchen when I entered in the morning to discover the sink was, indeed, clogged.

However, when I saw Yogi later, she informed me that when she was having breakfast, the sink was fine and she’d managed to wash her dishes, too. But when she left the kitchen and returned a while later, Sogs was in the kitchen and the sink was clogged.

Now, I’m not trying to suggest anything but there’s strong correlative evidence there.

Anyway, I had too much pride to admit he was right. I went out for a bit, came back, and the sink was fine again. I poured a bit of hot water and vinegar down it, following the advice of a friend.

I left for the rest of the afternoon.

When I returned, the sink was full of murky water, to the brim – like Sogs decided to do his dishes (not that he washes dishes… or anything really… he just sticks it all in the dishwasher and turns the dishwasher on and then puts everything back when it’s done… even if it’s still dirty…) and then didn’t notice that the sink filled up.

This spawned the theory that Sogs had done it on purpose to spite me and tbh I have no intention of mentioning anything because I know I can’t speak to him nicely (my patience has run out) and I’d like to save us both the trouble and the pain. Also, I wouldn’t put it past him to be that petty – to try to hurt me at the expense of hurting himself, too (he’s affected by the sink too, and to be honest, it’s only after he uses it that it becomes clogged anyway).

Day 2: I come home and our recycling box is gone. It strikes me for a moment that perhaps Sogs took out the recycling, saw the Parmesan, and, in a fit of rage, threw the box out too.

But he didn’t.

In fact, he left the stove on to boil water while he left the house. A very responsible, adult thing to do.

He returned with the box a while later. I think he saw the Parmesan. Perhaps his hatred for me has increased. Rest assured, Sogs, it wasn’t me, personally, who threw the Parmesan in there.

Again, though, still avoiding my friend and me. After my friend left, I went to shower and Sogs went to the kitchen to eat dinner at 10PM. He tried to do it really fast too because I think he rushed to finish, etc., when he realized I got out of the shower.

Just another two weeks or so of this and I’ll be in the clear.

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